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Liquid phase LPG from Vialle

Vialle is the worldwide technological market leader in the field of alternative fuel systems and liquefied petroleum gas systems. 
Vialle has succeeded in developing an LPG liquid injection system, called the LPi liquefied petroleum gas system. 
This new technology no longer vaporises the LPG. Instead, the inlet manifold injects it in liquefied form. 
This allows improved control of the fuel injection, which results in improved performance and optimum combustion. 
The LPi liquefied petroleum gas system can be deployed in modern direct injection, lean burn and turbo engines.
All of the engine’s original characteristics are completely retained.

Because the LPi liquefied petroleum gas system employs the original petrol engine’s computer, each and every one of the original characteristics is retained and, above all, the vehicle is less harmful to the environment. 
When driving, you will notice that: 
- there is no discernible difference between driving using petrol or LPG 
- there is no loss of power 
- the acceleration capacity is no different with LPG than with petrol 
- no extra maintenance or adjustment is necessary, so you can keep to the original service intervals. 
As of April 1, 2010 Vialle Alternative Fuel Systems start with the delivery of LPdi systems. We will only deliver to the Vialle centers that received the specified LPdi training. These systems may only be assembled by trained Vialle centers.








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