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ValveCare is a unique additive dosing system, developed exclusively for almost all Prins systems. The system is suitable for all combustion engines, except direct injection engines, with alternative fuels such as LPG and CNG. ValveCare is used to provide the engine the correct dosage of a specially formulated additive which prevents premature valve and valve seat wear. The ValveCare additive has been extensively tested on a number of engines with excellent results. 

Why ValveCare? 

The valves and the valve seats of some engines are more sensitive to wear when driving on LPG or CNG. This issue does not occur with petrol, because an additive that is present in the fuel lubricates of the valves and the valve seats. This additive is not present in LPG or CNG. With the innovative ValveCare dosing system, it is possible to inject this additive under pressure into the engine together with the LPG or CNG, thus significantly reducing the wear of the valves and the valve seats. 

How does ValveCare work? 

The ValveCare dosing system consists of a dosing pump and a dosing unit. As soon as the engine switches over to LPG/CNG, the dosing pump is energized and the ValveCare additive starts to flow under pressure into the dosing unit. The ValveCare dosing unit makes a 100% equal spread of the ValveCare additive possible over all cylinders (up to 10 cylinders). 

The ValveCare system communicates directly with the Prins system in the vehicle and will warn the driver in case of an empty ValveCare bottle by using beep signals from the Prins switch mounted on the dashboard of the vehicle. In case of an empty bottle, the system will switch back to petrol automatically after 60 minutes in order to provide optimal protection to the engine. In this case the driver can replace the empty bottle by himself or go to an authorized Prins dealer. 

ValveCare is unique because the additive dosage is based on engine load and actual fuel consumption and the distribution of the fluid is 100% equal over all cylinders. Consequently, the engine is always protected by the appropriate amount of additive, even in the case of turbocharged engines. Since the correct amount of additive is injected at all times, the additive consumption is very economical.


The ValveCare dosing system can be installed by an authorized Prins Dealer in any vehicle equipped with a Prins system. 


• Applicable on all engines, except direct injection engines, equipped with a Prins system 

• Always the correct dosage of ValveCare additive based on the actual LPG/CNG consumption 

• Economical consumption of additive due to its correct dosage 

• Decreases valves and valve seats’ wear 

• Fully automatic operation 

• Also applicable for turbocharged engines 

• Optimal performance, even on heavy loads 

• Equal dosage of ValveCare additive over all cylinders through the unique dosing unit 

• Buzzer of Prins system will sound when running out of ValveCare additive

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